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For a long time I have had a passion for hair removal, I have spent years building a business providing the service of ‘Electrical Epilation’.

As my skills and knowledge have developed I became frustrated by the length of time it was taking to see improvements and positive results. I understand fully that excessive facial and body hair can be an emotional and embarrassing problem.

I am a practitioner that is driven purely by results and satisfied customers.

I made the decision earlier this year (2017) to purchase the best machine available, an Apilus; model Senior 3G. The results and client feedback have surpassed all of my expectations.

My Apilus hair removal treatments are available to all over 16yrs; male, female and transgender. Under 16’s or a client who may be classed as vulnerable, will require a doctor referral and an appropriate chaperone.

Treatment prices for Apilus Permanent Hair Removal

Minimum appointment time is 20mins.

Length of treatment Price
20 mins £25.00
30 mins £35.00
45 mins £45.00
60 mins £55.00

A course of 10 sessions of equal time may be purchased giving a complimentary 11th session of the same duration.

Appointments longer than 60 mins – price on enquiry.

The cost of your treatment covers:

  • Pre-treatment assessment, preparation and needle selection.
  • Apilus treatment
  • Post treatment care
  • Needles used, products, disposables, sterilisation of instruments and clinical waste disposal.

Pre and post treatment is essential with the Apilus procedure and takes approximately 5 minutes (depending on the size of the area to be treated). You must take this into account, as well as your expectations as to what you want to be accomplished within your chosen appointment duration.

I must stress that proper maintenance of the skin at home, in particular with regard to hydration, is absolutely essential for the success of the treatment and preservation of the aesthetics and functions of the skin.

Plucking of hairs between appointments is forbidden. They may be cut with scissors or a razor.

I am more than happy to discuss and help with any skincare requirements you may need, provide a home care plan/prescription, help with hair management between appointments. If this applies to you, please make me aware so that I can add extra time to your appointment. You will not be charged for this service.

I strongly recommend the use of “Yi-Zhi” baume after your treatments at home. This can be purchased from the salon in a 50ml or 200ml tube.

The Apilus Senior 3G is the quickest, the most powerful and the most comfortable 13.56 MHz technology on the market.  It integrates the exclusive
iMM-Pac option and offers more than 10 treatment modalities as well as 1080 programs, allowing to adapt to all situations.  Its high performance and versatility makes it the most popular electrolysis device in the world.

apilus treatment mirfield
apilus treatment huddersfield
apilus treatments huddersfield

All of my needles (Ballet & Protec) come pre-packed and sterile for single client/appointment use.

All of my non-disposables (forceps/chuck caps/scissors etc) are sterilised in a vacuum autoclave (the same as used in a dental surgery), by me and are stored in sterile conditions.

I hold a licence with Yorkshire Metropolitan Council for the practice of Electrolysis.

I have a clinical waste contract with Envirotec.