Holistic Massage

Feelgood Signature Relaxation Therapies

These are relaxing treatments designed to nurture the mind, body & spirit.

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Feelgood Signature Massage Treatments

Essential oils can directly impact our mind, body & spirit. Using locally blended essential oils by Tsuki, bringing 4 wonderful aromas,

Feelgood Signature Massage Treatments
Indian Head Massage - 45 mins

A wonderfully relaxing treatment, carried out in the seated position. This treatment focuses on release of tension in the Neck, shoulders, top of the arms, scalp & face This treatment can help with stress, headaches & tension.

50/50 - 60 mins

This is just the most amazing treatment, starting with a deep tissue or gentle pressure back massage, having eased away all of those knots, turn over and experience the most relaxing and soothing facial & scalp massage. Paying particular attention to tension around the eyes & forehead, the tension just eases away.

Back Massage - 30 mins
Back Massage - 60 mins

From the top of the neck to the base of the spine, feel those knots being eased away, circulation and movements within the spine are improved Choose from light, medium or deep pressure.


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