Permanent Hair Removal

With Apilus

Apilus hair removal treatments are available to anyone over the age of 16years, male, female and clients on a gender transition journey.

Treatments & Prices

Apilus Permanent Hair Removal Treatment

Minimum appointment time is 20 minutes

Pre & Post treatment is essential with the Apilus procedure and takes approximately 5 minutes (depending upon the size of the area to be treated). This must be taken into consideration, as well as your expectations as to what you want to accomplish within your chosen time frame.

Apilus Permanent Hair Removal Treatments
20 Minutes
30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes

A course of 10. Sessions of equal time may be purchased giving a complimentary 11th session of the same duration

Your treatment is inclusive of

I must stress that proper maintenance of the skin at home, in particular to hydration, is absolutely essential for success of the treatment and preservation of the aesthetics and functions of the skin.

Plucking of hairs between appointments is forbidden. They may be cut with scissors or a razor.

I am more than happy to discuss and help with any skincare requirements you may need, provide a home care plan and help with the hair management between appointments. You will not be charged for service.

After care cream is recommended and can be purchased in 50ml & 200ml tubes.

I thrive on results and satisfying my customers.

For years I’ve had a passion for hair removal. Having spent years building up a business providing the service of Electrical Epilation (also know as “electrolysis “)

As my skills and knowledge developed, I became frustrated with the length of time it was taking to achieve even satisfactory results. I understand fully that excessive facial and body hair can be an emotional and embarrassing problem for anybody.

In 2017 I made the decision to purchase one of the best machines available, an Apillus; model Senior 3G. The results have far surpassed my expectations and client feedback and satisfaction has been amazing.

About Apilus Electrolysis

The number one brand of electrolysis equipment that guarantees gentle 100% permanent hair removal.

Since 1875, electrolysis has been and remains the only 100% permanent hair removal method recognized by government regulatory agencies. Indeed, electrolysis permanently destroys germ cells responsible for hair growth by way of insertion of a fine probe in the hair follicle and the application of a current adjusted to each hair type and treatment area.

Thanks to modern technology, Apilus electrolysis devices have revolutionized permanent hair removal treatments. The creators of Apilus have designed a state-of-the-art computerized electrolysis machine that limits the level of destruction within the hair follicle, targeting only germ cells. This consequently protects the skin and prevents new hair growth.

Apilus offers advanced technology with proven effectiveness in the field of permanent hair removal. Already in use in thousands of Centres throughout the world, our Apilus electrolysis systems have demonstrated time and time again that they deliver more effective and more comfortable treatments, as well as much more rapid permanent results than any other hair removal method.

Owing to its powerful circuits and stable currents, Apilus offers professional electrologists pinpoint precision capabilities and optimal settings that deliver the results you seek. You can finally say goodbye to unwanted hair, whether it be facial hair or body hair.

Apilus, the gentle way to 100% permanent hair removal. Don’t settle for anything less!

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